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***I'm fired up, a lot because of my irritating life situation stuff, setting up plans and goals is a nice way to vent, yes? Rant towards the bottom.

First of all, Last Year's New Years Resolutions;

1) Get an Art job that can pay both living expenses and my college loans
Had one, will be obtaining another, can't be that specific until it's sorted out. But this one was FUFILLED!

2) lose 30lbs and KEEP it that way.
I lost more than 30, I'm down from 270 to 228, and I've been keeping there. Replaced junk food with lots of water, soup, and been going on more walks. GOT THAT SHIT DONE!

3) Learn proper Film Noir lighting and comic book inking.
Can't say I learned "proper" noir lighting, but I've definitely been getting my practice at it through some drawchan fights, they've been fun. This goal wasn't specifically defined, but I can certainly say I've been making realistic progress. MADE MY IMPROVEMENTS!

4) Finish all the small personal projects I've started; I have a lot of almost-finished 3d models in zbrush and 3dsMax.
I've just learned to cut the personal projects that have been slowing me down, and holding onto the ones I've liked. I cant say I've finished my little projects, but I've learned to be smarter with how I spend my time.

My NEW resolutions, because I'm planning this shit early;

1) Memorize All of Michael Hampton's constructions from his book and videos, and implement them NATURALLY, and without stopping to check the section of his book again. This one is Specific, and I will grind away until I know it all.

2) Memorize All Hiragana, Katakana, and at least 2000 Kanji. Learn to to hold basic conversation in Japanese, write a resume and cover letter for an Anime Studio. Attempt to acquire a job and move to Japan. I love fights and I want to make fighty things for a living. This is my Dream job, my goal, my top priority, and I will have it. If I cannot manage the position this year, I want to at least have full availability and possibility to do so.

3) Win Next year's Drawchan Tournament.

4) Read and fully copy the following books;
-Michael Hampton's Figure Drawing Design and Invention
-Ken Hultgren's Art of Animal Drawing
-Vilppu drawing manual - Drawing Animals

5) Read the following Books;
-Alla Prima
-Andrew Loomis's 7 books (already read and copied his "fun with a pencil" book from front to back.)
-Preston Blair Cartoon Animation / Advanced Animation
-(re-read) Richard Williams Animator's Survival Kit

6) Watch and do homework from CGMA series of Peter Han Dynamic Sketching and Michael Hampton.

7) Memorize all Bones of the body (minus ear bones, and internal skull)

8) Memorize all surfacing muscles of the body, their origins/attachments, their shapes, and their functions

9) Learn ToonBoom and AfterEffects to a basic functioning level.

10) Make the following; (40+ animations in 12 months, this will probably end up as 1 per week.)
-3 walk cycles.
-3 run cycles.
-3 jump and lands.
-10 short fight sequences
-10 environment destruction animations
-10 Special Effects animations
-5 fights in animatic form
-All exercises/animations from Richard William's Animation Survival Kit

11) Learn how to Render shadow shapes of the human face and body without needing reference (to a reasonable level.)

12) Make 100 SIMPLE and ORIGINAL paintings (master copies and photo studies will not count towards this.)

an angry venting rant;

If I can financially afford it, I will be returning to the Philippines to work with some artists that I truly admire. Family has been pressuring me into a very irritating and stupid series of scenarios; working for free for local businesses for "Exposure" and portfolio, applying for all art jobs despite having no portfolio, program experience or qualification for them (while they just shrug it off and say I have "confidence issues.") They have been very combative every time I bring up the possibility of working in the Philippines again, and wont even acknowledge the job possibility when they talk about me to my relatives, just two american companies. There ARE two american companies looking to hire me, but they're taking their sweet time, both jobs are off-shoots of what I would like to do. (one is Camber Corps; UI design with C# scripting in the unity engine, doing military training programs. Job requires a government security clearance, which is nifty, the other is SGN or SocialGamingNetwork; managing, editing and occasionally creating large-quantity art assets for an american mobile game company.) My father claims that I will gain more skills and grow significantly faster in the American companies than the Philippines... which frankly is massive bullshit. Programming would be nice to have, but would have no relevance towards my further art career unless I just gave up and changed my mind. They also said that it was good that I wasn't in the Philippines because of the typhoon hitting (despite from what I heard, not hitting manilla where I worked.) That would be the equivalent of saying it's dangerous for anyone to be in America because of hurricane Katrina (which, never hit where I lived.) My parents are holding me as "their artist" for their mobile app company that they want to start up... something I do not want to be a part of for a plethora of personal reasons. I dont say it out loud, but I don't really see their company taking off and I dont want to have my time wasted over their "potential apps". I can't necessarily count out the two American companies, but I'd prefer to come back to Kooapps if it works out financially.

To my pals at Kooapps, if you're reading this; I miss you, and I want to come back and be a part of your crew. You made me feel at home, you were a fantastic bunch to work with. Always enthusiastic, never bitter. I have roughly a thousand dollar monthly loan payment from my college, and after living expenses, taxes and whatnot, my full-time job offer from ck covered it just to the grey border. I'll be chatting/bargaining with him soon to see if we can work out a deal. In the upcoming month, things will sort themselves out one way or another, but I just want you to know where my mind has been drifting. To be honest, I feel as though I've been caving into my parents' wishes far too much with my career and how I go about doing this.

I KNOW as a FACT that with all of you around, I will continue to grow, and that if i simply had some stability in my life with my own time guaranteed to myself to do what I'd like I will become a Juggernaut force to be reckoned with (not fearing that by studying, I was betraying some "better" "Potential" OTHER thing that I should be doing... that's how I feel around my family.)
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Parker I. Pierce
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DigiPen Graduate with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation
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heyaaa! :)
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Thanks for the watch Parker! :) It's Sam from Kooapps. I don't really draw but I've learned a little from the artists :)
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Man! Your work is nuts! Thanks for the devwatch! I am definitely watching you back.
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thanks dude, it's an honor :) you're a stellar artist.
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Thank you for the fav! : D
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np! I love your work!
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Many happy returns!
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thanks! :)
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